La Banda del Surdo

Percussion and street shows

La Banda del Surdo

Adrià López (Girona, 1987)

He has formed part of the band of Diables de Pere Botero with whom he was involved in tasks of directing music, and played with the African percussion group Kassamba or Festinamus. He currently also takes part in the show Músics a domicili.

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Agnès Takahashi (Olot, 1981)

Currently she also percussionist of Sambalé.

Albert Dondarza (Olot, 1982)

Multi-instrumentalist musician (violin, plucked strings and percussions, as the main instruments) and dancer. Currently, he's also playing with  Els Berros de la Cort, and takes part of the show Naïf by Toti Toronell. He has played in several musical projects as La CIRCumstància, Clau de Lluna, Banshee, Factoria Mascaró, La Cobla Mínima, Ministrils del Rosselló, Orquestra Simfònica del CMMBQuartet de corda Vistes al Mar, Sambalé o La Criatura Verda among others.

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Aniol Miró (Girona, 1979)

Has undertaken tasks as musical director of the group. Currently he is the percussionist of the group The Patillas. Previously he placed with Gazpacho, Con dos cajones, Not Lasting and Kodjo Senyo. He is an ex-member of the band Els Diables de l’Onyar. He formed part of the team of percussionists of the video show Perpetrat.

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Carla Aguilar (Girona, 1992)

Currently she's also member and involved in tasks of musical direction in PercuART and the band of the Diables d’en Pere Botero. She's also singer, guitarrist and percussionist of The Blackiss.

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Dani Ortiz (Girona, 1975)

Currently also collaborates with Els Berros de la Cort's project. He is an ex-member of the band Els Diables de l’Onyar. He has also formed part of the group Escampillem in which he played the guitar, has taken part of the collective Möondo, and has collaborated with Kodjo Senyo among others.

Dídac Sauret (Barcelona, 1982)

Percussionist and drummer. Currently he's also part of the Catalan Rumba band Som Caliu, the band La Moral Distreta and the company Festinamus. He has been part of other bands like La Sambé do Timbalé and Malakaton, among others.

Eduard Clemente (Barcelona, 1975)

Ex-member of the band Els Diables de l’Onyar. He formed part of the team of 21 drummers of the video show Perpetrat. He has been a member of the group F.P.B. in which he was a drummer

Gerard Brugués (Girona, 1977)

Percussionist and guitarist. Has undertaken tasks as artistic director of the show Dukkun.  He's currently guitarist of the group Savats. He has formed part of groups such as Not Lasting or Boc Gurú Special and has collaborated with Josep Thió, Berta, Carmen 113 and Kodjo Senyo among others.

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Isaac Rodríguez (Girona, 1987)

Percussionist and singer. Currently working as the musical director of Festinamus, member of the band Percuter'S and singer of The Manyacs. He has also formed part of Fal.lera Gironina or La Banda del Camaleó among others.

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Jes Padrosa (Olot, 1985)

Stilt walker and dancer. Currently she also forms part of Sambalé. She has been member of  Pim Pam Pum Foc and dancer in Esbart Olot.

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Laia Prat (Sta. Coloma de Farners, 1978)

Stilt walker and dancer. As a choreographer and dancer of contemporary dance she has been part of Möondo.

Lu Arroyo (Vic, 1980)

Nuri Madí (Barcelona ,1986)

She's currently also member of the bands The Blackiss and Calvari Rumba. As a percussionist she has been part of several groups such as Kassamba, Jamboree Gang, Company of Dance and Percussion of the Ivory Coast, and Sambaleiros.

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Olga Barrancos (Caravaca de la Cruz, 1973)

Actress, singer and stilt walker.  Currently she's also singer with Ibuprofeno Project and takes part as an actress in some shows of Comediants.  She has worked with several music and theatre companies as La Fura dels Baus, L'Avalot, Cia. Toni Ton, Al Víctor, La Orquesta Surprise, Olga Barrancos y su Compañía Internacional de Danza, among others.

Olga Bernardo (Girona, 1985)

Actress, singer, stilt walker and musician. She has been percussionist of Bloc Quilombo y and singer and pianist of Zuma. Currently she also forms part of Savats, collaborates as backing vocalist with Calaveras y takes part of some shows of Costuras Escénicas and Drakonia.

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Pau Oliver (Girona, 1981)

Currently playing drums with Tona Gafarot's band. He has played with the percussion band Bloc Quilombo with whom he was involved in tasks of directing music, and with The Blue Creped Jazz Band. He has formed part of the band Els Diables de l’Onyar. And been accompanist to Roger Costa-Pau in some poetry recitals.

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Pol Figueres (Olot, 1981)

Percussionist and guitarist. He has formed part of Toni Beiro's band and has collaborated with Pim Pam Pum Foc. He currently also forms part of The Blackiss and Sambalé.

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Rosi Risco (Girona, 1993)

Currently she's also member of Percuart. She has played with La Banda de Pere Botero and Xirois.

Sergi Corredera (Olot, 1980)

Percussionist and trumpetist. In Galway –Ireland- he has taken part of Sambarrada and The Kitchen Parties.

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Xènia Gasull (Castelló d’Empúries, 1980)

Currently also takes part in the show Músics a domicili, plays with the African percussion group Kassamba and is actress and juggler in the shows of  Drakonia. She has previously been part of the Grallers de Castelló and the Timbalers de la Revolta.

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Yago Delàs (Barcelona, 1976)

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