La Banda del Surdo

Percussion and street shows

La Banda del Surdo




Percussionante! a street show which uses percussion and rhythm as its principal focus. A numerous formation of percussionists with a repertory of rhythms from around the world, accompanied by the dancing of stilt walkers, appears in the middle of crowds to reclaim the streets, give us direct contact, shared sweat, emotion of the moment, the power of the drums, beating hearts, and a rhythm that cries out and carries us away with it. It’s all about percussion, rhythm, movement and energy without limit.

Its repertory includes all types of rhythms – Latin, Brazilian, African, Flamenco, Hip-hop, Oriental… -. There are short dance choreographies to most of the themes, games between the rows of instruments, formation changes… and pure Mediterranean fiesta!

La Banda del Surdo © 2006 |

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