La Banda del Surdo

Percussion and street shows

La Banda del Surdo



Technical file

14 people: 11 percussionists, 2 stilt walkers, and 1 assistant.
Reduced group: 8 percussionists + 1 stilt walker

Space and performance formats
IN THE STREET, PREFERABLY, walk way of some 300 metres (20 minutes) and static finale (30 – 35 minutes). For the smooth running of the show the route covered and the final performance space must be free of traffic or other obstacles which could obstruct the performance.

ALSO as an accompaniment to town processions, parades, and other proposals to be specified.
POSSIBILITY of performing on stage. Technical worksheet of sound and lights to be specified.

Duration of the performance
Approximately 60 minutes.
In concerts or halls, the show can consist of two appearances of 30 minutes in the middle of the audience.

Setting up time
60 minutes. For the street show a technical visit to the route and the performance space before the show begins is required.
Packing up time: 45 minutes.

For 15 people, with a mirror, showers and a crate of bottles of water.

For two vans (or a minibus) near the area of performance.



A person who is a member of those responsible for the organisation of the event is required to accompany the group during the performance and to attend to the needs of the company from its arrival until it has completed packing up.

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